College Gridiron Showcase & Symposium Partners with BodyData to Conduct DXA Scan at 2022 CGS


For Immediate Release: August 4, 2021
Contact: Don Povia


College Gridiron Showcase & Symposium Partners with BodyData to Conduct DXA Scan at 2022 CGS
Partnership will provide pro teams with the most comprehensive full-body biometric measurements and data on prospects prior to Draft Day.


Fort Worth – The College Gridiron Showcase has partnered with Georgia-based BodyData to conduct on-location DXA scans on CGS participants at the 2022 annual college football all-star event in Fort Worth, TX.

Each CGS participant, including free agents who attend CGS’s Pro Gridiron Showcase, will receive a DXA scan as part of their evaluation which will be given to the NFL teams.  A DXA body composition analysis scan is a full-body scan using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (measuring the absorption of energy from two different X-rays to assess the density of living tissue) that provides detailed baseline health and fitness data by showing precise location of lean muscle, fat, and bone density.

CGS will be the first opportunity for BodyData to be able to conduct scans with their new mobile units.
CGS Executive Director Jose Jefferson expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership and what it means to not just the event, but to the scouting industry as a whole.

“Quite simply, our event was built on giving teams the most comprehensive access and information they need about players to effectively evaluate their potential draft picks and signings,” said Jefferson. “Allowing for honest, open evaluation of players both on and off the field benefits participants and teams alike – by providing more substantive data to help players improve and teams to assess talent.”

He added, “Once again, CGS is being innovative with how players are being evaluated.”

Since its inaugural event in 2015, more than 600 CGS participants have been offered pro opportunities. At the 2020 College Gridiron Showcase, scouts from 31 of the 32 NFL teams, all nine CFL teams, and other professional leagues were on hand to evaluate and meet with our players. In total, participants had the opportunity to showcase their skills to 150 professional scouts.

In addition to its on-field aspects, CGS also contains a strong professional football education symposium component.  Athletes are provided education through seminars relating to Financial Education, Life as a Professional Athlete, Player Expectations (on and off-field), first-hand accounts from former NFL rookies, social media responsibilities, and more.  For more information on the College Gridiron Showcase and the CGS Small College Showcase, please visit cgsallstar.com.